Behold The World's Greatest Brunch Outfit

333Photo: Courtesy of Madewell.
If anything truly drives home the fact that we're no longer 22, it's January 1. We tried — we really, really tried — to stop at just two glasses of Champagne, but we may have accidentally lost count sometime just before the ball dropped. Still, our morning-after brain-fuzz is nothing some Excedrin and simple carbs can't cure. And, since the last thing you need right now is to think about what to wear, we found you the world's greatest hangover New Year's Day brunch outfit.
What makes it so perfect? It's just the right combination of comfy, boyish nonchalance (that throwback sweater) and cool-girl swagger (knife pleats and messy hair for the win!). Better still, it's beyond easy to throw together while you're waiting for the aspirin to kick in. You can shop the entire look at Madewell here, or get creative and peruse your own closet. Your pleated skirt and plain, white shirt will love being taken out for a non-workday spin. And, if you're still holidaying at your folks' place, we're pretty sure your dad won't notice — um, we mean won't mind — if his favorite Fair Isle goes missing just for today.
Even the beauty look couldn't be easier. If your NYE coiff included a milkmaid braid, just wake up and go, stray hairs and all. Or, try our be-ribboned braid how-to here. Now, throw your coat over your shoulders like a street-style star, and get yourself to a tall stack of waffles, stat — you'll be right as rain in no time.

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