The Ultimate Wish List: Couples' Edition

There’s nothing as stressful as glancing at the calendar, realizing it’s days before Christmas, and dreading the fact that there's still nothing under the tree for your S.O. Tsk, tsk. The last place you want to land yourself is in the doghouse (especially come New Year's Eve!).
But, we get it. This time of year is overwhelming and you’re fresh out of ideas and — let's be real — time. So, we’re here to lend a helping hand. We’ve tapped 22 cool S.F. couples who are sharing what they're hoping to find under the tree come December 25. Let this spark some inspiration in the gift-giving department (and we'll let you take all the credit!). From an adorable outdoorsy couple’s creative suggestions to an artsy duo’s must-haves, these picks are worth your clicks.

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Arlo Jamrog, freelance interaction designer
"I like gifts that are useful and that last, so I picked a Braun 35 watch. I wear a timepiece almost every day, but I don’t have one that’s as much of a design statement as this one. New phones come and go over the years, along with their battery life, but this would be around for decades."

Alanna Hale, photographer
"While the gift of an experience or a vacation is always at the top of my list (Paris anyone?), I will admit to eyeing this Cynthia Rowley flask bangle for some time. How genius is that? And, it's good-looking to boot."

Braun Chronograph Watch, $240, available at Vetted; Cynthia Rowley Silver Secret Flask Bangle, $225, available at Bona Drag.
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Andrea Cheng, creative director at Yammer
"Len and I love taking random weekend trips, but the coffee situation is dubious at times. You know how Mogwais turn into Gremlins if they're exposed to bright lights? That's us if we don't have a good, strong cup of coffee in the morning. With this travel kit from Poler, we can always keep our inner Gremlin under control while on the road."

Len Crockett, product designer
"This Instant Photo Lab begets more gifts. Sometimes, you want to save an image to something other than your memory card or Instagram feed and create something that will last longer. I can't imagine a better way to print an iPhone pic than on beautiful Polaroid instant film. What an incredible way to share memories you capture. Each print becomes a treasure to give your friends and family, or it can be your new art project."

Poler X Stumptown Camp Coffee Kit, $125, available at Poler; The Impossible Project Instant Photo Lab, $299, available at Photojojo.
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Andrew Mariani, vitner at Scribe Winery
"Dungeness crab is my favorite food in the NorCal winter. Time for my own pots."

Lia Ices, musician
"I want a Bengal kitten. They look like little leopards!"

Protoco Crab Traps, $139.99 to $159, available at Cabela's; Bengal Kitten, price available upon request, available at The International Bengal Cat Society.
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Maxwell Klineman, co-owner of Oakland Surf Club
"Joy Surfboard by Almond. I've been looking for a mid-size surfboard for a while now. This model is pretty much exactly what I've been looking for. With Almond, you know there will be exceptional attention to detail, and the finished product will be timeless, classic, and beautiful."

Ariana Serrano-Embree, co-owner of Oakland Surf Club
"I have a slight addiction to everything that Clare Vivier makes, so it only seems natural that I would be obsessed with her weekender bag. This carryall is the perfect size, and the leather will only get better with age. It is definitely a bag I could see myself growing old with — and it just screams sophisticated traveler. Having it monogrammed with my initials only makes it even classier."

Almond Joy Surfboard, price available upon request, available at Joy; Clare Vivier Weekender, $499, available at Clare Vivier.
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Angela Tafoya, San Francisco editor, Refinery29
"These D&G shades are giving me major nautical vibes! The playful colors and shape will make any day a sunny one. I’m crossing my fingers that these are under the tree!"

Eric Bailey, freelance graphic designer/illustrator
"I really love this nontraditional take on Wayfarers. The color scheme is nice and natural. I could see myself wearing these all year long."

On Angela: Dolce & Gabbana DG4207, $190, available at Sunglass Hut; On Eric: Ray-Ban RB2140QM, $299.95, available at Sunglass Hut. AdvertisementAdvertisement
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Coco Cohen, owner and art director at Stone Pony
"Ashley and I adopted our beloved dog Rodeo this year from a dog rescue. In the process of searching for a dog through a rescue, it was unbelievable how many animals need homes. I chose a gift for animals from fighting rings because I believe these animals are the most in need and have experienced the worst form of abuse that exists. This donation helps provide shelter and care for these innocent animals."

Ashley Rhymer, partner and designer at Stone Pony and Fist City
"I believe that everyone has the right to clean water. One in six people in the world lack safe drinking water, and it is an issue that needs to be addressed. According to the World Health Organization, a child dies every 20 seconds from a water-related illness. I think we all can find more ways to spread active compassion and become more effective humanitarians. As Gandhi said, 'You must be the change you wish to see in the world.'"

Animal Rescue Donation at The Animal Rescue Site; Charity Water Donation at Charity Water.
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Defne Altan, founder at MADE PR
"I love the fact that you can wear this necklace long or short, and I have a weakness for crystals."

Cameron Crowe, account director at Impress Labs
“I'm in the market for a new go-to belt, and this one is the tops."

Marisa Haskell La Paz Crystal Necklace, $118, available at No.3; 3sixteen Heavy Leather Belt, $145, available at Self Edge.
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Sean Siemantel, freelance illustrator
"I love this sweater because the fit is great, and the fabric is soft and structured."

Fay Siemantel, assistant designer at Welcome Stranger
"These sneakers are great for both working and going out."

Saturday Surf NYC Bowery Flecked Loopback Botton-Blend Jersey Sweatshirt, $100, available at Mr. Porter; Nike Flyknit Racer Unisex Running Shoe, $150, available at Nike.
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Gina Esposito, fashion designer and colorist
"As much as I love purchasing clothing, shoes, and accessories (for myself), nothing beats the thought of an inspiring, timeless book, piece of art, or textile to enhance my home and my eyes. Staring at color, shapes, and objects jump-starts my soul like none other, which is why I love this beautifully patterned Suno dress!"

Jonas Lagerstedt, industrial designer
"I would want my very-first shelves from Vitsoe, Designed by Dieter Rams. I think it's a great gift and I would love to see the shelving system grow bigger as I get older. If properly taken care of, it's also something that will never lose its value."

Suno Black Tie Shirt Dress, $417, available at Suno; Vitsoe Shelving, price available upon design, available at Vitsoe.
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Jay Carroll, creative director and blogger at One Trip Pass
"A trip back to my favorite hotel — the Saint Cecilia in Austin, Texas — tops my holiday list. Just to check in and check out for a few days is exactly what I need to do for all the good changes coming in the new year."

Alison Altomari, marketing director at the California Olive Oil Council
"I've been eyeing these new chambray shirts by Coast-Wide with their wild embroideries, a colorful reinterpretation of a classic."

Hotel Saint Cecilia Stay, price available upon booking, Hotel Saint Cecilia; Coast-Wide Chambray Tops, $260 to $325, available at Coast-Wide.
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Chad Seeger, software consultant
"Using a needle and argon to serve wine by the glass makes sense when you have a wife that loves opening expensive bottles of wine, then falling asleep immediately after. Not to mention, this has Walter White written all over it."

Jenny Chung, shop owner at Acrimony, ACRE/SF, and No.3
"It's no secret that I'm a cat lover. I've also been called a 'crazy cat lady' on occasion. Since it's pretty difficult to dress up my cats in cool outfits, a cozy cat tipi is the next best thing!"

Coravin 1000 System, $299, available at Coravin; Cat Tipi Hunter Tipi, $38, availble at Fab.
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Joanna Riedl, publicist
"Well, I'm usually not one for material gifts — I prefer an aura reading, spa day, or weekend away over anything you can find at the store — but this year, I've definitely been not so subtle in my hint dropping about the vintage bike I'm jonsing for. I even sent this shot from the biker street-style article for, uh, reference. After the twentieth mention, I'm sure he's like, 'Alright, I get it, you want a bike.' I also not-so-secretly want a Wii for the sole purpose of kicking my best friend's butt in Just Dance 2014."

David Stokes, UX designer at MessageMe
"I'm pretty good at reading hints so I'm getting Joanna an iPad this year. Personally, I'm looking to get my soft woman hands on some shop tools with a membership at the TechShop. They have everything, from welding and woodworking to 3-D-printing classes, so everyone on my list can expect super-fancy paperweights next Christmas."

Nintendo Wii, $129, available at Nintendo; TechShop Membership, $125 to $1,395, available at TechShop.
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Josh Harris, partner of The Bon Vivants and Trick Dog
"I love food and anything local and timeless. Heath Ceramics plates wrap that all into one."

Ruby Wilson, server at Locanda
"I love a gift that I can use every day, and these Anichini sheets fit the bill."

Heath Ceramics Plates, $15 to $93, available at Heath Ceramics; Anichini Avila Sheets, $165, available at Anichini.
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Kate Jones, jeweler, designer, and owner of Ursa Major and womenswear designer of Taylor Stitch
"We're keeping it simple this year. We prefer function over anything else and have our hearts set on house sitting in Hawaii during the month of May. We've got a little travel fund going and instead of the usual gifts we might give, we've decided to put it almost entirely in there...but, some immediate gratification might be necessary, so I've asked for the Taylor Stitch Women's Denim Project Jacket. Finally, a women's version of every guy's chore coat, and I'm asking Jack to use his surfing arms to help wax it. I'm going for added function here with some Otter Wax."

Jack Halloway, photographer, craftsman, and director of The Garage Sale Project
"I’m keeping it affordable so the travel fund is plentiful. But, thinking we might need a good road trip down to Baja before May comes around. There's a super-simple folding grill that'll be insanely easy to pack in the van and ought to significantly help satisfy our hunger."

Taylor Stitch Washed Denim Project Jacket, $198, available at Taylor Stitch; Crate & Barrel Folding Portable Charcoat Grill, $49.95, available at Crate & Barrel.
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Kelly Lovemonster, writer and producer at AHDM4U
"I've been patiently waiting for Spence to buy me a Zana Bayne harness. Maybe it'll finally come."

Spencer Dezart-Smith, DJ Boyfriend
"This two-way studio monitor speaker is all I want for Christmas. And, obvs, Kelly."

Zana Bayne Basic Harness, $100, avaialble at Zana Bayne; KRK Rokit 5 GZ 2-Way Studio Monitor Speaker, $149.99, available at Best Buy.
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Kiersten Stevens, freelance stylist and blogger
"I love to make macrame, so when I saw this necklace, it totally spoke to me. I love all the detail and how delicate it is."

David Rodrick, music marketer, go pro, and talent buyer at Noise Pop
"These cows provide milk and nourishment to hungry families all over the world. Give a cow today!"

Erin Considine Rail Necklace, $385, available at Erin Considine; Heifer International Cow donation available at Heifer International Cow.
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Lauren Berdell Podoll, co-owner and designer of The Podolls
"Receiving jewelry from Josh is so special — I cherish every piece he has given me. This pendant is exquisitely crafted, and I fell in love with it when we hosted Metier for a trunk show at our store recently. I loved it for its ornate, yet edgy, appearance. And, this shield has the potential for engraving, which makes it even more personal."

Josh Podoll, co-owner and designer of The Podolls
"There's nothing cooler than a surfboard hand-shaped and glassed by a master artisan like Gary Hanel. The bonzer egg is a very versatile shape that works well in both small and medium waves. I also think a handcrafted surfboard is beautiful just in terms of pure design. I could stare at this board all day."

James Walter Tiptaft & Sons Ltd Antique Sterling and Rose Gold Crest Pendant, $330, available at Metier; Gary Hanel Bronzer Egg Surf Board, $775, available at Mollusk Surf Shop.
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Lindsey Louie, blogger at Complacency Kills
"A great pair of leather pants is always on the top of my wish list. I'm always on the hunt for that perfect fit, and these J Brand Leather Skinny Jeans would be such a luxurious staple."

Ryan Baird, Data Analyst at Playhaven
"I've been wanting a black Fitbit Force that tracks my daily habits in one app. Plus, it looks really cool."

J Brand Super Skinny Legging, $895, available at J Brand; Fitbit Force, $129.95, available at Fitbit.
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Meghan Lunne, ceramicist
"I want anything and everything from Oakland-based bag maker Job & Boss. I am especially loving its new collection Two In The Hand. Santa be good to me!"

Bob Linder, New Genres visiting professor at SFAI
"I would love a subscription to The Thing Quarterly. Four artists are invited each year to create a useful object that somehow incorporates text, and it's like a surprise in your mailbox."

Job and Boss Two In The Hand Collection, price varies, available at Job and Boss; The Thing Quarterly Subsciption, $240, available at The Thing Quarterly.
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Molly DeCoudreaux, freelance food and portrait photographer
"I love everything about INNA Jams fruit and chili jams. They are gorgeous colors with satisfying design, made with delicious seasonal produce in the Bay Area, and are a sweet and spicy treat that I don't always treat myself to but should. I have also been wanting one of its Jam Life totes for a solid year."

Patrick Brown, record producer, engineer, and owner of Different Fur Studios
"If I was going to be that kid who asked for a pony, I'd ask for a Bricasti Design M7 Reverb unit, but since really I'm just a sensible man who wants to look good comfortably, I would love one of these Hotel 1171 Strauss Denim Jackets with the hood, because in S.F., you never know."

Inna Jam Classic Annual Subscription, $132, available at Inna Jam; Hotel 1171 Strauss Denim Jacket, $145, available at Hotel 1171.
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Ben Kamens, lead developer at Khan Academy
"It's okay to want something outrageous, right? The MakerBot Replicator 2 is my pick. So many ideas to 3-D print, so little time."

Rebecca Brown, editor at Polyvore
"I’ve never had feelings about perfume before, but I'm dead set on Le Labo’s unisex Santal 33 spritz. It's unexpectedly sexy and‚ is it weird to say, I love smelling myself in it. I have a sample that’s just about empty."

MarkerBot Replicator 2, $1,999, available at MakerBot; Le Labo Santal 33 Perfume, $160, available at Barney's.
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Andreas Herr, Global Marketing at Levi's
"I want this Civilware axe to accompany me on life's next big adventure."

Susie Ho, interior designer of Mend
"I've been obsessed with 'completing' our kitchen, maybe it's a newlywed thing, but something I'd really love to have is new flatware. This beautiful set from Heath had me at brass rivets."

Civilware Pathfinder Axe, $275, available at Civilware; Heath Ceramics Provencal Black Handle Flatware, $101.25, available at Heath Ceramics.
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Temi Adamolekun, principal at Pembroke PR
"This holiday season, the focus is definitely going to be on our three-month-old baby boy, but if the Mr. is in a spendy mood, anything from Love & Luxe on Valencia would be amazing. Specifically, this yellow gold ring with rubies. It's handmade by owner, Betsy Barron, (she has a workshop at the back of her store) and it's such a striking ring. I love the mix of yellow gold, the hammered texture, and uneven rubies."

Tobi Adamolekun, architect/designer at Bushakan
"In my S.F. workshop, I make handcrafted wooden stands for sunglasses. So, these wooden Anni Shades aviators caught my eye. I don't come across Koa wood often (it's native to Hawaii), which makes it even more special."

Betsy Barron rings available at Love & Luxe; Anni Shades Koa Aviator Sunglasses Through The Hayes Optometry.

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