The Best Reaction GIFs For Your Beauty Meltdowns

There are some scenarios where mere words cannot do justice to the vast array of emotions we're feeling. In those times of turmoil, only a GIF will do. And, it is our humble opinion that there's no moment that deserves to be GIF'ed more than when you're at your most vulnerable — when your beauty game goes haywire. Yes, from haircuts gone wrong to pushy perfume spritzers, beauty screw-ups can cause a whole host of intense reactions.
But, which GIF can most accurately convey the true depths of your primping-induced despair? You can't throw out just any old one — you need something that captures the essence perfectly.
Not wanting to leave you stranded in a sea of feelings and with no emotional life jacket, we went to the pros at Giphy to help us curate the best reaction GIFs for some all-too-common beauty malfunctions. Click through to see how Oprah, J. Lawr, and some classic cartoon characters can help you deal in your time of need. We present to you: the 10 best reaction GIFs for your beauty meltdowns.
Your colorist tells you she'd love to try the new "Pumpkin Surprise" shade on you.
You ask your stylist for a trim and she gives you a J. Lawr chop.
The stranger on the subway next to you keeps elbowing you in the head while she puts on a full face of makeup during the a.m. commute.
Your manicurist finishes a really sick polish job on your digits and the minute you step outside the salon, you smudge it reaching into your purse.
You sneeze midway through your mascara application — hello, raccoon eyes.
You show up to work with the same haircut as your horribly annoying coworker.
No one tells you that you have lipstick on your teeth.
The day after a new haircut, the only thing your S.O. has to say is, "You cut your hair...!"
You think it's going to be a really good idea to shave your legs without shaving cream.
Someone asks if she can touch your hair.
You find out that you share a signature perfume...with your S.O.'s ex.
You hear your stylist say, "Oops."
When you get to that part of a bikini wax. You know, THAT part.

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