Why Don't More Girls Wear Slips?

Before becoming famed Vogue EIC, Diana Vreeland showed off her signature style in a column for Harper's Bazaar called "Why Don't You?" And, thus, sartorial magic was born. Taking inspiration from Vreeland's pithy franchise, we're enlisting help from our quirky network of friends — including editors, designers, and stylists — to bring you a little lighthearted (but totally useful!) shopping advice.
chloe_slideIllustrated by Sydney Hass.
"Listen to Saturday morning opera and waltz around your kitchen with a mimosa. While wearing a whisper-thin silk chemise." — Chloe Daley, on-staff DIY guru
At a recent party, a good friend turned to me abruptly. "Are you by chance missing a skirt slip?" My eyes widened. "I found one wedged in the couch cushions the other day." My heart beat faster.
Since she does not own a cream, above-the-knee slip, there were only two possible explanations: a) her husband was having an affair with the 80-year-old next door neighbor, or b) while dog-sitting a few weeks prior, Chloe had one too many glasses of wine and fell asleep on the couch, after removing the said unmentionable.
I sheepishly admitted it was something of the latter.
The truth was, I'd been seriously distraught over that missing slip! It was the perfect length, excellent elasticity, and ideal off-white. Which brings me to my full confession: I've been carrying on a longtime affair with vintage slips. Not that I own a million, but I'm eternally stalking them on eBay and always longing after them at flea markets.
Some of my friends think this is quite creepy. "Someone might have died in that!" A fair point. But, how they can resist the pull of a 1940s pale-pink-rayon slippery creation, I'll really never know.
What truly mystifies me is gals who don't own a single slip. Really, how does one survive the perils of sheer clothing? It's a scary, see-through world out there. But, click on for some lovelies that will truly make you feel like Mae West lounging on a duvet. (Fear not — there are plenty of brand-spankin'-new options if you're not into the whole "it's my grandma's" thing.)
Mary Green Silk Knit Chemise, $60, available at Journelle.
Coralroot Vintage 1930's Silk Chemise, $84, available at Etsy.
Topshop Lace Insert Slip, $35, available at Topshop.
Araks Ryan Short Slip, $260, available at Barneys New York.
Free People About A Boy Slip, $88, available at Free People.
Mimi Holliday Bisou Bisou L'Amour Slip, $175, available at Journelle.
ASOS Love Cami Slip Dress with Lace Insert, $49.83, available at ASOS.
Araks Ryan Slip Bare, $259, available at Araks.
Commando Mini Cami Slip, $72, available at Commando.
The Little Bra Company Lucia Slip Chemise, $85, available at Shopbop.
Eloise Scallop Hem Slip, $58, available at Anthropologie.
Fog Linen Work Amy Slip, $75, available at Steven Alan.

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