20 NEW Fashion Designers To Discover

If you feel like you've been caught in a Groundhog Day-type loop lately when it comes to the stuff you're seeing in stores and on the runway, we don't blame you. Though the fashion hype machine seems to be working double time lately, truly surprising, original, out-of-the-blue moments are as rare as a Martin Margiela appearance. However, judging from the creativity of a very special batch of up-and-coming designers, you're going to be in store for a little shake-up.
Because, once upon a time, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler were indie brands, too, and the chutzpah and vision they had to shift the paradigm is also present in these new fashion designers. Ahead, we've handpicked 20 new designers that we're betting on — expect to see them on the CFDA rosters in a few months' time!

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