Marc Jacobs Brings The Suburbs To NYC

As much as Marc Jacobs can make clothes, he can make a scene. His shows alone operate on a different set of rules than the rest of NYFW. With a unique timetable, cast of models, seating structure, trends, and set, his show — the last of the week's — always ends things on an note to remember. For his spring '14 collection, his models even moved at a different speed. As a testament to making shoes women can actually walk — even sprint — in, the models sped down the runway, creating an impossible-to-Instagram scene, which provided a refreshing respite for a front row that has spent the past week looking down at a screen more than on a runway. What was distracting though was the temperature — purposefully sizzling hot — which made it hard not to imagine that you were sitting in the bleachers somewhere in suburbia, with cigarette butts and lawn chairs strewn around you.
That suburban theme ran throughout the show, with a strong football motif, featuring geared-up silhouettes including low-slung Bermuda shorts, bowl cuts that looked like helmets, and giant shoulder pads with thick brocades like a high school touch-football team that moonlights as Elizabethan poets. Jacobs also flipped the script, and used the more-overlooked elements of the popular design themes — from tropical prints came touristy Aloha prints, from Moroccan embellishments came strings of tassel rickrack, a muted palette for spring came in the form of browns, navys, and greens — to redefine desirability. Hibiscus prints and curtain tassels may have been the forte of the Middle American, but under Jacobs' hand, they became the next symbols for high fashion.
Hot Topic-type goths (with a luxe touch, of course), closed out the shows, as well as Georgia May Jagger in a sweatshirt emblazoned with a giant Coke logo — a visual trip through a typical mall. While the silhouettes and themes may prove challenging, it's really Marc Jacobs' strongest suit to make the uncool cool. And if you want to give your parents an ego boost, mention that Jacobs ripped of their Bermuda shorts and Teva sandals. If you don't get an "I told you so" speech, we'll be surprised.

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