Surprise! Beyoncé Still Looks Perfect Without Makeup

Okay, listen. Beyoncé is clearly one of, if not the most beautiful people in the world's long history of people being beautiful. You know it, we know it, she knows it (we hope). And, like with all superhumanly attractive women, there will always be part of us that yearns to know how much of it is natural and how much of it is makeup magic. Not because we're spiteful, but because we want to know if there's hope for us to find whatever secret they've discovered and transform our own merely-mortal faces. Hence why pictures of bare-faced celebs are akin to beauty crack — and this Instagram of Beyoncé without a drop of makeup on is a prime example.
Lucky for Bey and unfortunately for us, she looks like a radiant goddess who just stepped off of a flower petal and bathed in a stream of eternal youth. In conclusion? Beyoncé is just that hot — with or without a team of professionals to make it happen. Either that, or she has access to an Instagram filter the rest of us normal folk aren't privy to, in which case, Instagram, we need to have a word with you...

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