4 Brilliant Outfits For Fall's Sharpest Shoes

Photo: Courtesy of Style.com.
9-5With a round-toe pump, this 9-to-5 look wouldn’t feel nearly as polished. But add a pointy heel, and voilà — suddenly it’s Blondie does business.
date-nightWe had Rihanna style this one up for us — just kidding! But we can definitely see the Barbadian babe of babes killing it in this ensemble. It’s all about that graphic crop top and the dangerous point on those heels.
weekend-warriorDon’t worry, the point-toe world isn’t all vertiginous heels. These pointy, black winklepickers channel '50s Rockabilly babes and too-cool Chelsea girls all at once — and add just the right dose of cool-kid swagger to your weekend basics.
after-hoursPair a close-fit leather sheath with a tailored waistcoat, and these bubblegum pink-tipped heels for a look that balances grown-girl glam with just the right amount of flash. Who says girly can’t be chic?
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Illustrated by Katelyn Kappel.