The 5 Smartest Ways To Save Money

If you had your own TV show, it'd be less Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and more Diary of an Obsessive Overdrafter, wouldn't it? We get it: Scoring those half-off Prada trousers does seem way more exciting than paying council tax, and who can possibly be bothered to wait up for a night bus when a fancy, comfy cab is just a stretched arm away?
Ahem. Stop that immediately. It's time to change your ways.
Living outside your means comes (literally) at a hefty cost, leaving you with a maxed-out credit card, a bank account that's in the red, and a pile of angry notices from your creditors.
The time has come to start playing it safe by getting your finances back on track, and we've found 5 amazing experts who can tell you just how to get started. Read on to see how you can save up for a new holiday, what purchases are a total waste of money, and why sample sales should actually be avoided — yes, really!
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