No One Wears Vivienne Westwood Better Than Vivienne Westwood

You know who'd look rad in a Vivienne Westwood campaign? Vivienne Westwood, of course. And although the renowned designer and icon of punk has regularly graced her own ads, the newest batch for fall '13 reminds us just how badass and wonderful the 72-year-old truly is.
Collaborating with artist Jack Pierson, Westwood poses alongside Iekeliene Stange, Mac Phiri, and Michael McCaughley in a collection of photographs captured amongst the greenery of the Royal Botanic Gardens in London. Like a one-woman rendition of "American Gothic," Westwood poses with pitchfork in hand, while her fellow models play in wheelbarrows and plop down in the dirt — each of them with white makeup covering their faces.
Searching for an alternative to the mundane ad campaign that's just straight-up pretty clothes? The slideshow ahead provides the edge you're looking for.

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