Try It Now: Cropped Boyfriend Jeans

Baggy, high-watered, and worn to pieces...chances are that this kind of jean was the last kind you wanted to be sporting growing up. Whodathunk it would have become our favorite pairs these days? Last year's boyfriend jean got a little trim for the new season, and we're stoked to fashion a go-to (or two) from an old pair gathering dust in the back of our closet, and pick up a new favorite as well.
Don't believe the hype? Hear us out: A roomy pant just calls for a crop, no matter the material. You wear your favorite silk trousers a little short and your herringbone slacks a bit cropped...why not your denim, too? Wear it with a pretty blouse and heels, and it's a high-low, city-country, dressed-up-dressed-down juxtaposition that pretty much defines our daily dressing MO. Click through for 12 pretty pairs you don't have to steal from your boyfriend to cop.

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