30 Must-Have Fall Wardrobe Essentials

No matter where you live — big city or small-town U.S.A. — there's no question that shopping for new fall clothes has gotten stressful. Like, really legitimately STRESSFUL. Collections are hitting earlier, there's more than ever to choose from, and before you can say, "OMG, Beyoncé chopped off all her hair!" or "Tibi just released WHA???" your size in that make-my-life-perfect, black, suede, cutout bootie is plum Sold Out. WTF, right? Yes, we heard that…big time. 
But, while you've been dutifully sifting through the last bits of awesome summer sales, we've spent the last month poring over the newest of the new, sussing out just the right 30 Wardrobe Essentials you'll need to get your autumn arsenal in proper working order…and right on schedule. As always, some of these standbys are already safely tucked away in your stash (dig 'em out and steam 'em up!), but we've added the most heart-stopping newbies to the mix to ensure your closet will still make that cool, dramatic chorus-of-angels music every time you crack it open. 
Okay, so, ready to get your fall wish list together? Consider this roundup a virtual Valium to bliss out — instead of stress out come the cool days. 

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