Marc By Marc Jacobs' Newest Ad Presents The Chicest Waiting Room, Ever

In fashion, it can sometimes feel like we're always waiting. We're either waiting for the next campaign, the next season, the next Fashion Week...the next package from UPS. While it seems like there's always something we're waiting for, it's safe to say that we've never had the pleasure of waiting alongside a group of models in a campaign.
Shot by Juergen Teller, Marc by Marc Jacobs' fall campaign puts the models in our shoes. All dolled up in retro silhouettes, loud and bold patterns, and very big hair, models Giedre Kiaulenaite, Juliana Schurig, and Philip Kesselev wait for something while lounging on the couch in sunnies ready to go, or standing in a gorgeous red coat, bag already in hand. If that isn't enough proof of the waiting game they play, there's even one photo simply of a hand holding an unbitten green apple (the perfect on-the-go snack), watch staring straight at you.
Yep, the models are definitely waiting with us, but for what we must ask? Maybe it's NYFW, or maybe it's a swanky retro party. Don't have the answer yet? It's no problem — we'll be here...take your time!

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