Vivienne Westwood's Limited-Edition Collection Is Semi-NSFW, Totally Badass

"When we started to do punk, we put all these things together to create the look of an urban guerrilla — a rebel," says Vivienne Westwood of the brand's aesthetic inception. Today, Westwood is releasing a limited-edition collection called "Chaos," a line whipped up with a whole lotta iconic profanities. Most of the unruly imagery has been resurrected from Westwood's first shop, Worlds End, that opened in the '70s when London's passion for punk kicked in. But, it seems, four decades and many fashion movements later, the brand's earliest content hasn't lost its unrivaled boundary-pushing appeal.
Outfitting queens, culprits, celebs, and us, the designer has an uncanny way of unmasking the anarchist in everyone. And, while this finite collection includes safety-pin manhoods, a T-shirt with the twins, and a scat-loving handbag, it's somehow still completely charming and lust-worthy. The much appreciated spoonful of juvenile angst, for sale exclusively at Worlds End, will surely be adding the precise amount of blimey to our wardrobes and keep us from aging into dull and drab.
Worlds End, 430 Kings Road (near Limerston Street); London; 020 7352 6551.

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