Meet Your New Signature Scent — And It's On Sale!

fresh-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Fresh
Many perfumers claim that their scent tells a story, but there are few as compelling as the tale behind Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman's introduction to perfume. As a child growing up in Communist Russia, Glazman was amazed when, one day, his mother shelled out the equivalent of multiple months' rent to purchase — illegally — her favorite French scent. From the first whiff, Glazman realized that the relationship between a woman and her signature scent was a special one. Says Glazman: "Fragrance became my artistic medium, the way I experienced the world and organized my memories — each fragrance is a chapter of my sensorial diary."
With that sense of history and longing behind him, Glazman debuted some of the fragrance world's most beloved scents — Fresh Sugar, of course, being one of the most popular. Now, Glazman continues the Fresh fragrance legacy with the new Fresh Life fragrance, which evokes a magical summer evening in a garden cafe. With notes of bergamot, grapefruit, lilac, and magnolia balanced with cypress and moss, the scent is earthy, sexy, and completely, well, fresh — everything we want to wear at the end of summer, and beyond. And the candle version? Don't even get us started on how chic it will make your home smell.
Longing to get your hands on this lovely scent? Well, the bad news is it doesn't officially launch until November. But, the really amazing, fantastic news: Now through August 24th, the fragrance is available for pre-order at a special discount price of $66.12 — Glazman will be appearing on QVC tonight at 10pm to celebrate the debut of this special scent and share the deal. Pre-orders will ship on September 6th, so you'll not only get the scent at a lower price, but you'll also get it two whole months before the rest of the world. And the downside to this is...?
Fresh Life Eau de Parfum, $66.12, available at QVC.

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