The Coolest S.F. Kickstarters Worth Pledging Your Dough

The Bay Area is known for being a hotbed for innovation (cough, Apple, cough) and we know bulbs are continuing to flash in our city-dwellers minds before we can even utter the word start-up. So, naturally, we’re always looking for The Next Best Thing. That’s why we took a peep behind the curtain over at Kickstarter, to get the scoop on what the next batch of novelty has in store, and better yet, how we can be a part of it! So, we’ve rounded up our five hands-down favorite Kickstarters founded right in S.F., that deserve a little cash thrown their way. Read through the cool campaigns — when they come to life, you can say “I totally made that happen.”
Closca Street Style Foldable Bicycle Helmet
In this bike-centric city, strapping a helmet to protect that noggin is an absolute must. And, although we’ve already shown you five gorgeous hairstyles to keep your locks from frizzing up, there’s another way to not look so hard-headed on your set of wheels. Introducing, the Foldable Bicycle Helmet by Closca, a spiffy-looking and soft-felt helmet that ensures you don’t skimp on safety or style. The unisex topper would come in a slew of colors and fabrics (we’re partial to the luxe leather) and even touts air vents to ensure things don’t get too sweaty. With just ten days left to go, and barely six grand left until goal, you can make this innovative safety accessory a reality by pledging anywhere from $1 to $12,000 — with rewards like bicycles and transport bags up for grabs. Unless you just hit your head and aren’t thinking straight yet, investing in this awesome protector will come as a no-brainer.
Halo Mini Illuminated Pet Collar
There’s nothing like a good nighttime stroll under the stars to clear your head, and your pup is always down to be right by your side to give that moon a good howl. But, on nights when the celestrial glow won’t cut it, you can keep good ol’ Fido safe with this Plan B gadget. The Halo Mini lights the way in pet protection as an illuminated collar, which flashes to alert drivers and bicyclists that man’s best friend is out of his dog house. The beaming device has already reached its goal by more than doubling its initial pledged amount, but why not chuck a few more coins its way to guarantee it becomes a shining success? Plus, you can still get your paws on the number one reward: a luminous belt to match your pet’s collar!
Local Mission Market
If you love to gobble up the homegrown fare at Local: Mission Eatery, then you’re going to flip for its next crusade! The resto is in the works to open its own local market, but needs our help to get the project to blossom. The Local Mission Market would be fully stocked with locally farmed produce, delicious ready-to-eat meals made with wholesome ingredients, and live demos of the grub being cooked up in front of your eyes. And, the good ideas keep rolling: The market will have an accompanying online store where you can order online and snatch up the goods at the pick-up window. True to S.F. form, there will even be an iPad app where you can purchase your groceries sans waiting in long check out lines. But, don’t get too excited yet — the market is still over $36 thousand short of its goal, with just nine days left on the clock. Skedaddle over the Kickstarter pronto, and shell out what you can — your tastebuds will thank you for it for years to come.
Twisted Bar Marshmallow Crispy Treats
When it comes to food in this city, S.F.ers are always raising the bar. And, this Kickstarter is taking the phrase literally with its goal to produce an oh-so-sweet spin on the classic marshmallow crispy treat. Twisted Bar is aiming to whip up mouthwatering iterations of the dessert with flavors like blueberry breakfast, strawberry cheesecake, and beer time — the latter made of pale ale rustic puffs. To bite into these crunchy confections, chip in and reap the rewards, like being able to dream up your own flavor! In between pay days? The campaign is going for another 29 days, and our tongues will be wagging for that crunch the whole time.
The Handleband
We’re always looking for new way to simplify our lives, and granted, our rides. That’s why our ears perked up when we first learned of The Handleband. The bendy bike accessory is like a watch for handlebars, except it does so much more than tell the time. Designed to keep our phones in place, the Handleband lets us access our mobiles to use apps, like a flashlight and navigation, to make our commutes all the more smooth. We’re not the only ones impressed with this handy doodad: It has so far reached almost $100,000! Not bad for an initial goal of just $12,000. Today marks its last day on Kickstarter, so get in on the pledging ASAP, and receive awesome prizes like an insulated drink cooler and cruiser bags. Needless to say, we’re with the band!
Photo: Via Kickstarter/Handlebar

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