Shortcuts For Dealing With Your Short Cut (Zing!)

short hair
Short hair sounds like it's going to be so convenient until you have it — and then you wake up looking like a baby bird, wondering why you thought anything involving hair would ever be simple. Sound like your life? As the short-haired girls of the office, we're all too familiar with what a time-suck styling short hair can become. So, we put our pixie heads together and came up with our best short hair hacks for different hair types; the little things we do to cut down on time while maximizing our style.
Straight Hair
For straight-haired pixies, dry shampoo is your friend — even if your hair is clean. Our production assistant Chloe Daley swears by Pssssst Instant Dry Shampoo, every day: "Even when my hair is clean, it provides volume for my stick-straight hair. I spray it in, turn my head upside down, and massage it into my head." To wake up with perfect locks, she washes it at night, and after putting in leave-in conditioner, gives it a quick blow-dry. When she wakes up, she gives it a quick spritz of Oscar Blondi Teasing Dust, "which gives my roots instant lift and holds all day."
And, for those moments when her hair gets greasy (as tends to happen with short, straight hair), she sprays some dry shampoo and creates a new part.
Wavy Hair
As our beauty production assistant, I have asymmetrical wavy hair, which I let air-dry to save time (and because heat styling does nothing for my waves). After it's dry, I scrunch in Short Sexy Hair Slept In texture cream, and give it a few quick sprays of Kevin Murphy's Hair Resort Spray. If it's still looking a little blah, I add a couple of pin curls to the longer sections while I'm doing my makeup. I take them out a few minutes later and fluff the curls with my fingers. I also twist my hair throughout the day to make sure the waves hold.
Curly Hair
Jem Michael, our project manager/producer and the curliest member of the R29 short hair club, says that she only shampoos her hair once a week at most. Then, she uses "LOTS of leave-in conditioner and frizz cream," and scrunches it down with her fingers. She blow-dries upside down with a diffuser to perfect the short, curly look. But, if she's really pressed for time, she skips it and puts her hair in a turban, headband, or swoops it to the side with a barrette.
Now, it's your turn. What are your favorite short hair hacks?
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