Freshen Up Your Home With These Amazing Jo Malone Fragrances

We love the smell of fresh flowers and citrus fruits in our apartments, but the fact that both only last a few days before going south is a major bummer. That's why we're making a beeline for home fragrances that smell better than the real things.
Not only are Jo Malone's lineup of candles, diffusers, and sprays elegant enough to stand on their own, but the subtle (read: not overwhelming) scents are perfect for clearing up the stale air in our cramped walk-ups. The brand has even released a limited-edition line of scented hangers, draw liners, and satchets that deserve an extra whiff or two every time you open your drawer or closet.
Take a look at some of our fave Jo Malone fragrances below, and don't forget to invite us over to your pad!

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