Face-Off: 6 R29 Staffers Share Their Secrets To The Perfect Natural Glow

The elusive summer glow — we all want it, but few of us actually find it...without doing irreversible damage to our skin, that is. So, how's a gal supposed to perk up her mug for the sunny months? We went straight to five of our most luminous staffers to find out their secrets to a flawless summer complexion, and we have to say, their answers weren't always what we would have guessed.
From bronzing papers to tinted moisturizers to highlighting powders, each R29er has a different way of achieving that perfect summer glow...and a different product she swears by (you can even shop some of them in our exclusive boutique).
Click through to get the ladies' testimonials — and don't forget to leave your skin secret in the comments below. Sharing is caring, people.

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