Beauty Math: Summer Shindigs Edition

The summer social season is in full swing, which means your calendar is most likely jam-packed with an array of cocktail hours, backyard bashes, get-togethers, and general thank-god-it's-not 30-degrees-anymore merrymaking. And, while we are indeed stoked that the temperature is no longer dipping into the single digits, summer primping provides some of its own very unique challenges — mainly, how do you create smokin'-hot hair and makeup looks that won't wilt in the summer sun? Nothing says "I'm unprepared for this heat wave" quite like raccoon eyes, oil-slick skin, and poofy hair.
Clearly we couldn't let you venture into the humid wilderness unprepared, so we've put together a special Beauty Math geared at tackling all of your upcoming outdoor adventures. From low-key BBQs to posh outdoor weddings, we rounded up the products you need to rock any summer social occasion in serious style. You'll also find a few necessary picks in the mix to repair and protect your sun-ravaged skin and strands. Because as much as we love summer, we're not so keen on the havoc it wreaks from our tops to our toes. Now get outside — with the cray-cray way the weather has been acting lately, winter will be back before you know it.

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