Do You See Your Favorite Fun-Time Herb In Suno's Resort Collection?

For a brand built upon sourcing and celebrating beautiful prints (from West African Dutch Wax cloth to Scottish tartans to traditional Norwegian embroidery), Suno definitely pays attention to the patterns it pushes each collection. For its resort '14 collection, the print-mixing was a little more light-handed than we're used to seeing, but it was none the less provocative. With pretty tiled florals, falling rosebuds, and fleur-de-lis-type scrolls mixed among the brand's staple of plaids and stripes, there was reportedly another plant that we didn't expect to see from the recent CFDA winners.
WWD reports that Suno's sales director was in high support of the insidious print ("The pot leaves are selling great!"), but designer Erin Beatty swore the plant wasn't marijuana. We're having a hard time spotting the lil' guy among all the prints, but it might just be that we aren't as creatively adjusted as we'd like to be on noon during a weekday. Click through to take a look for yourself — do you see them?
Photo: Courtesy of Suno

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