11 Decadent Fry Dishes That Are Pure Gold

Sure, an impulsive order of drive-thru French fries are satisfying enough, but here in S.F., we prefer to indulge with the best our city has to offer. So, if our roundup of the best burgers had you wondering, "Can I get fries with that?" we've answered by finding the tastiest, crispiest sidekicks. And, let's just say we struck...gold. Whether you crave creamy fries that melt in your mouth or saucy criss-cut creations, we've got the freshest spuds to start crunching on pronto, no ticket to the ballpark required. Click through to get your mouth watering!

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Photographed by Maria del Rio
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Garlic Fries, $2.75, at Super Duper Burger
We can't even use the old-fashioned phrase "super duper" without our mouths salivating, thanks to this joint's juicy burgers. But, we're here to tell you that it's not just the patties that deserve your appetite's attention: Its version of garlic fries manages to take the classic spud to an are-you-kidding-me-right-now level, thanks to the aged cheddar, shaved Parmesan, and fresh parsley mix-ins. What's more, what you love about the patties can also be translated to the spuds — you can dip 'em into the resto's super sauce, plus chipotle and homemade mayo renditions.

Super Duper Burger, 783 Mission Street (between Yerba Buena Lane and 4th Street); 415-882-1750.
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Everything at Frjtz, $3.75 to $6.50, available at Frjtz
When you're hankering to satisfy that salty spud craving, it’s a no brainer to waltz into the Mission’s Frjtz resto. There, you'll find thick cuts of Belgian-style fries served up in charming sundae glasses. Choose between old-fashioned fries or its sweet potato counterpart, then pick between a trio of seasonings: white truffle, garlic, and spicy Frjtz. (The latter contains jalapeño, chipotle, and curry powder to give that delightful panting effect.) But, it's the sauces that steal the show, folks: Over 20 dips are available to dunk your spuds, including off-the-wall flavors like strawberry mustard, ginger-orange mayo, and spicy pomegranate ketchup. Leave it to Frjtz to get saucy on us!

Frjtz, 590 Valencia Street (at 17th Street); 415-863-8272.
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Spicy Belly Fries, $6, at Bacon Bacon
We expect nothing less from a food truck dubbed Bacon Bacon to whip up the most delectable pork belly fries in the city. Its strips of Kennebec potatoes are seasoned with sage, thyme, and salt, but the real prize is the robust morsels of pork shoulder and belly layered into the dish. To balance out the flavors, BB throws in slices of Momma Lil's pickled, sweet cherry peppers, and then tops it off with — you guessed it — bacon! We don't know about you guys, but us little piggies are skipping the market and going straight to Bacon Bacon.

Bacon Bacon, varying locations; view the weekly schedule here! No phone.
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Salt and Pepper Garlic Fries, $2.99, at Bun Mee
The name may suggest that Bun Mee is frying up your standard garlic fries, but let us tell you they're anything but ordinary. Amongst the shoe-string pieces of garlicky potato, you'll find fiery jalapeno and onion strips that could easily bring your tongue to its boiling point. Served atop a metal crate dish, these Vietnamese-style spuds meet the gold standard: crispy on the outside and starchy smooth on the inside. Crank up the heat by drizzling on some Sriracha sauce, and you've got yourself a hot potato.

Bun Mee, 2015 Fillmore Street (at Pine Street); 415-800-7696.
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Kamikaze Fries, $4.75, at Koja Kitchen
This fry list just wouldn't be complete without spilling the spuds on Koja Kitchen's Kamikaze Fries. And, while that may be a bold statement, give us a chance to dice out the deets. First off, the indulgent dish served out of the Korean-Japanese fusion food truck is a cult favorite. The criss-cut fries are intentionally cooked to be extra crispy, and topped with minced morsels of flavorful Korean BBQ beef, which is then soaked in a special marinade. For the grand finale, Koja drizzles the cuts with two sauces: Japanese mayo and its signature spicy Korean sauce containing Srirarcha and miso paste. Grab a fork because believe us, you won't even be thinking about the calories!

Koja Kitchen, varying locations; view the weekly schedule here! No phone.
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Chickpea Fries, $6.75, at One Market
While these fries aren't exactly cut from the same potato as the rest, we think these chickpea pieces at One Market are worthy of attention. The French-inspired dish made from milk, a bevy of spices, and chickpea flour are formed into thick, square sticks perfect for dunking into the accompanying harissa aioli. Bite down into the semolina-coated sticks, and you'll experience the fries' dense texture and comforting effects. Yeah, we're pretty sure we just introduced you to your next guilty pleasure.

One Market, 1 Market Street (between Spear and Steuart streets); 415-777-5577.
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Carne Asada Fries, $7.25, at Los Coyotes
Carnivores, get ready to greet the motherlode of meaty fries! For this mountain-sized dish, Los Coyotes grills up hearty strips of carne asada and rests them atop a soft bed of fries. Each bite contains every layer of ingredient, from sour cream and guacamole to refreshing pico de gallo and mozzarella cheese, making for the ultimate ooey-gooey dish. The adventurer could try munching down on this solo, but we recommend tackling the delectable stack with a posse of very hungry peeps.

Los Coyotes, 3036 16th Street (at Wiese Street); 415-861-3708.
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Fries With Beef Cheek Gravy, Cheese Curds, and Marrow, $14, available at KronnerBurger
When this bed of fries lands at your table, you might feel as if you’re in an episode of The Flintstones. That’s because sitting in the middle of the fries is a giant slab of bone marrow that gives this dish its prehistoric vibe. Whipped up entirely using local ingredients, KronnerBurger loads the spuds with slow-cooked beef cheek and tongue gravy, cheese curds from Spring Hill Dairy, and roasted marrow. That’s not all: The potatoes are seasoned with anise, red wine, and celery seeds for the ultimate savory fries. Trust us, this plate is a yabba-dabba-do.

KronnerBurger, 2379 Mission Street (at 20th Street); 415-656-9871.
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Phat's Hangover Cure Fries, $5.95, at Phat Philly.
If there's any upside to waking up with a body-aching hangover, it's Phat Philly's Hangover Cure Fries in the Mission. The golden waffle-cut fried pieces of potato are beer-battered in a New Castle brew, and then smothered in a house-made cheddar beer sauce that makes each and every bite both creamy and crunchy. The resto, which resembles a ballpark booth, tops the dish with thick cuts of sweet yellow onions, smoky bits of bacon, and shredded cheese. Ball games are playing on the screen while you eat, and even if your team strikes out, you'll leave feeling like a winner.

Phat Philly, 3388 24th (at Valencia Street); 415-550-7428.
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Smushed Potatoes, $4.50, at Umami
In case you can't get enough of Umami after tasting the juicy Truffle Burger, we suggest you open wide for the burger's sidekick: Smushed Potatoes. The double-fried and creamy spuds are crispy on the outside with a mashed potato-like texture on the inside. After the first dip into the fryer, Umami smashes the cuts with a pan to create a stubby effect, and then plunges the batch back into the fryer. We recommend taking a fork and knife to cut open the nugget pieces, then dip 'em into the smooth, roasted garlic aioli for an ultra-comforting bite.

Umami, 2184 Union Street (at Fillmore Street); 415-440-8626.
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The Fry-Fecta, $5.49, at Roam Burger
If you have a hard time choosing between all those yummy fry options out there, note that Roam has made the decision all the more easy. Its Fry-Fecta dish lets you have your spuds and eat ’em too, by offering a silver bowl filled with its three distinct iterations: Sweet Potato, Russet, and Veggies, which is a zucchini onion haystack of extra-thin strips. And, you get to choose a seasoning for each — we recommend the chipotle maple for the sweet spuds, fresh herb on the haystack, and truffle Parmesan on the russets. In this case, three’s not a crowd, it’s a party (in your mouth!).

Roam Burger, 1785 Union Street (at Octavia Street); 415-440-7626.

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