Kiehl's Partners with Marvel Comics To Prove Just How Manly They Can Be

How to make skin care more appealing to men? Well, according to Kiehl's, appeal to their eight-year-old selves: Put a superhero on it. One-third of the brand's customer base is made up of men, so in celebration of their fans with XY chromosomes, the brand has launched Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting, a new anti-aging moisturizer that's anything but dainty. And, to prove that their men's picks truly do kick ass, the brand partnered with Marvel Comics to create a special limited-edition issue of Captain America, with the story set at Kiehl's historic flagship store in NYC's East Village. The comic book will be available complimentary with any Kiehl's purchase, starting June 4.
We're already huge fans of Kiehl's men's line — there is truly no better antidote to Monday mehs than the Eye Alert eye gel — so we can't wait to get this new moisturizer for the dudes in our lives. According to the brand, men have thicker and more oily skin than women, so Heavy Lifting was designed with exfoliating ingredients that work alongside light moisturizers, to increase results without the grease factor.
We think the dudes in our lives and their "special skin" definitely deserve an upgrade from their usual Dial-plus-Lubriderm routine. Now, if only the brand could find a way to send Chris Evans our way, then this would be a winning moment all around.
Kiehl's Facial Fuel Heavy Lifting Anti-Aging Moisturizer, $40, available at Kiehl's.

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