How To Style Growing-Out Bangs And Not Look Awkward

Bangs: The one hairstyle that every woman, at some point in her life, has flirted with the idea of getting. That's because a full fringe is one of the easiest ways to completely transform your look, framing your face and adding some much-needed oomph to your everyday style. What's not to love? Sadly, because we have the beauty attention span of a gnat, after about three months of living la vida bangs, we find ourselves so over them and vowing that we're going to grow them out, this instant.
Problem is, once you've actually cut them, it can be absolute murder to get rid of bangs. "Bangs change the shape of your hair cut completely," says Thomas Dunkin, Sebastian Professional celebrity stylist, whose clients include Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams, and Carey Mulligan. "Bangs are normally done to work with your face shape, so when they are growing out, you lose that shape and they become difficult to manage."
Dunkin says that the typical growing-out phase for bangs can be anywhere from four to six months. The type of bangs you choose can make growing them out harder, he adds. If you don't see yourself rocking a fringe for an extended period of time, Dunkin says to opt for a rounded bang — since they are longer on the sides, they hold their shape much better while growing out. Baby bangs or a full, blunt fringe will take the longest to grow out and require more frequent trims.
Once you've made the decision to ditch the bangs, then comes the hard part: The awkward growing-out phase. We have seen strong, confident, bad-ass babes break down in tears over this particular challenge. The key, says Dunkin, is to learn how to play with your part and to incorporate hair accessories into your styling repertoire. "Use bobby pins to make the style look a bit grungy, or really beautiful accessories to make it look more polished."
He advises creating a deep side-part and sweeping hair over to one side, then pinning with your accessory of choice. Dunkin suggests spraying hair with a strong hold hairspray, like Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hairspray, first to help mold and hold the bangs where you want them, and to create a "gritty" texture for the accessories to hold onto (this is especially key for girls with soft, baby-fine hair). "I'm a big fan of bangs, but the growing-out period is just horrible. It's a big commitment, so if you are someone who likes to change your hair quite often, you need to be aware that it's a big process," cautions Dunkin.
Do you have a growing-out-your-bangs horror story? Spill it!
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