How To Pack For A Carry-On Vacation

It starts innocently enough: You feel like you need more clothes — oh, and accessories, books, gadgets, and doodads — than you expected for your trip. Next thing you know, you're dusting off that jumbo suitcase from underneath your bed for your weekend trip, checking your 50-pound suitcase at the airport, losing your luggage, and having to do the weekend with one outfit.
If it's happened to you once, it's probably enough to scare you into the carry-on club for the rest of your air-travel life — no matter if you're going on a weekend getaway or a multi-week extravaganza. And you're not alone. We've been there...several times and, as a result, have become pro-packers. Ahead, we reveal our space-saving tips for doing it carry-on style, every time.

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