The 10 Weirdest Wikipedia Articles You Need To Read

Wikipedia might be the Internet's deepest rabbit hole. The information isn't all accurate, the sources are often sketchy, and yet — we just can't tear ourselves away at 3 a.m. on a Tuesday. But sometimes the wealth of crazy information is so vast, one just doesn't know where to begin. That's why we're here to help.
From the scary to the downright weird, this is enough to get you started on an hours-long binge. If you're in need of a fluffy distraction, this might help. If you're looking for procrastination materials, you're welcome. If you're really trying to get some work done, please accept our humblest apologies.
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Religion In Antarctica
Yeah, it exists, and it's pretty much the same as anywhere else. What better place to get in touch with a higher power than the ends of the Earth?

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Dancing Plague

As much as it sounds like one of those hilarious, old-timey diseases like Dropsy, authorities are unsure of exactly what the Dancing Plague was. Some sources think it may be related to epilepsy, others think it's an early instance of the social phenomenon known as mass hysteria.

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Death from laughter
There have been several notable cases throughout history, though to be fair, we don't really believe it because none of them were recorded as a direct result of Tina Fey.

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Dyatlov Pass Incident
This one is sad, odd, and pretty scary. It sounds like an urban legend, but as far as we can tell, it really happened.

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List of Fictional Dogs
Possibly the most necessary thing on the Internet, this list has 'em all — from Wishbone to Beethoven, this is the global authority on made-up dogs in film, literature, comics, television, and song.

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Vodka Eyeballing
You may have heard about this due to a brief media frenzy a while back, but it's just terrible. Terrible and awful and definitely not as widespread as tabloids would like to pretend.

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Year 2038 Problem
You survived Y2K, big whoop. But are you ready to freak out about Y2038?

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When I Woke
There's nothing weird about Rusted Root's album When I Woke. Nothing, except for the strange facts you'll learn from the Trivia section of this entry.

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Not satisfied? Maybe just call it a day and click here.

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