10 Beyond-Chic Zimmermann Dresses For The Always-A-Bridesmaid Girl

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride? Don't worry — it's more fun that way. While the bride spends the night rictus-grinning her way through a 300-person receiving line, you'll be twirling away on the dance floor in one of these gorgeous frocks by Zimmermann — not a bad trade-off, right?
Okay, so these aren't necessarily intended to be bridesmaid dresses — but for our money, these shimmering, brocade shifts and exquisite, ruched silk numbers are the chicest way to see your best girl into married life...while you flirt with the groomsdudes, of course.
Click through for 10 dresses you'll be happy to wear, long after the wedding is over — that means no tulle skirts or gold lamé, we promise!

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