Think Pink: How To Rock One Of Spring's Hottest Makeup Hues

Here's one of the many great things about makeup: If you screw up, you can always wash it off and start fresh. With that in mind, we suggest you try one of spring's hottest trends: pink. We know, we know — you can't get those '80s Jordache ads out of your head. But trust us when we say that today's pink is toned down, sexy, and completely wearable. And because seeing is believing, we've got an easy DIY look you can try yourself — promise. There's no better time to be pretty in pink.
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While makeup artist Justina Karol at Blow by Blow has an affinity for pink products from brands such as Claudio Riaz, Christian Dior, and MAC, she also says that "brands like Wet 'n Wild, Rimmel, and NYC New York Color have great, inexpensive formulas perfect for experimenting with this spring trend."
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Step 1:
Since the color pink speaks for itself, don't go crazy with foundation. Concealer where needed (eyes, nose, chin, blemishes) set with loose powder is just enough.

Model: Liga Eihentale of Factor Women
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Step 2:
Start by using a primer on the lids to create a nice, even-toned base, as well as to improve the staying power of the shadow. Next, apply a pale pink shadow all over eye, from lid to brow.
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Step 3
Apply a contour color in a plum shade in the crease of the outer corner of the eye only. This is a softer look than if you were to take the contour throughout the entire crease.
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Step 4:
Line the eyes with a brown eyeliner. If you're going for a natural look, brown is more complementary to a pink eye than black.
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Step 5:
Apply a light coat of mascara.
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Step 6
First, apply a poppy-colored blush to the apples of the cheeks. Next, apply a product such as the shimmer brick compact from Bobbi Brown, a brush-on powder that creates a natural, bronzy glow.
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Step 7
Skip lipliner and go right to the application of a sheer gloss in a bright berry shade.
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The Many Shades Of Pink
As a general rule of thumb, avoid super-dark or bright-pink eyeshadows. While those may look cool on the runway, you don't want your coworker to think you've got a serious case of pink eye.

Want to try pink but not sure which shades look best on your skin tone? Follow this guide and remember: Use a light hand when applying!

Skip the fluorescent pinks and opt for rosy shades for cheeks and bright pinks for lips. And yes, there is a difference between florescent and bright.

Don't go super-pale or sparkly pink on the lid. Opt for a more matte formula instead. A bubblegum shade looks great on the cheeks and lips during the day, while a brighter pink lip is perfect for nighttime while keeping the eyes more subdued.

Go for a lighter, sugar pink on the lids complemented by bubblegum pink (read: on the lighter side) cheeks and a bright pink lip.

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