13 Effortlessly Cool A.P.C. Pieces For That Gallic Girl Swag

French women may or may not do beauty better than Yanks, but there's no denying their "oh, this old thing?" brand of offhand chic. In their boyish, Breton-stripe tees, and beat-up ankle boots, Gallic girls have a way of making us feel like a bunch of try-hards in comparison (and making us seriously reconsider the messy bun as fashion statement).
Well, hold onto your berets, French femmes: Thanks to these 13 pieces from A.P.C., we're totally copping your style. All of A.P.C.'s signature understated cool is in evidence here: minimalist shoulder bags in rich raspberry, ballet flats that'll only get more chic with age, and the perfect rainy-day-in-Pigalle trench coat, the collection is subtly '70s-inspired and ruthlessly understated — all the better to let your natural charme shine through.
Click on to get the French girl style down — we'll report back to you on that whole "how to eat a baguette a day and not gain weight" thing.

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