Marc Jacobs Presents A Morning-After Walk With A Real-Life Camera Filter

Leave it to Marc to flip the traditional show format on its head. To the distress of photographers (both professional and amateur Instagrammers), the show first ran under the harsh glow of a giant orb that turned everything into varying shades of sepia. Under the color-erasing light of Marc's sun, we were forced to focus on shape and texture in the form of silky pajamas shining like an oil spill, subtly sparkling boxy jackets, soft-looking wraps, and bum-grazing micro-shorts.
Then, the girls made the circuit again, under regular show lighting, and we were able to concoct a story line. Sexy jewel tones in sparkling dresses, vibrant pastels in silky pajamas told the story of an early morning walk home after a raucous night out. Coupled with the tousled hair, smeared smoky eyes, a lack of pants for some, and bags worn clutched tight to the chest, it was a ritual that we were all too familiar with ourselves. It was Marc's version of the early morning, right-at-dawn walk back home...not so much a walk of shame, but rather a walk of conquest.

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