One Of The Gang: 3.1 Phillip Lim Mimics The Scene Outside A Fashion Show

The act of going from outside a fashion show to indoors is one that involves a little more of your brain than remembering which publication you're with — with the legions of photographers snapping street style of the showgoers outside, it takes a moment to perform the physical and mental switch from the gazed-upon to the gazer.
Phillip Lim tapped into that brain game and presented a collection that felt as if we were watching a (more flattering) simulacrum of our own to-the-shows stomp. With crossbody bags and haphazardly layered looks, the styling seemed to be an ode to the practical styling tricks of an editor attending shows. The open-toed, over-the-knee boots; poplin shirts cut in sweatshirt styles; and oversized, paper-thin coats are sure to become editorial fodder...though we can't be sure how practical they'd be outside of the Fashion Week crowd.
Phillip Lim himself noted that this season's inspiration were biker gangs, but it's easy to make that leap between a posse of bikers and a passel of editors. The point really hit home during the finale, when all the girls stampeded across the puddle-strewn pavement, hands in pockets, flyways at attention. Just moments later, a less aesthetically cohesive, starred-by-us version would take place toward the exit on that exact floor — and the real-life show would start up again.

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