Get Personal: 10 Picture Frames To Keep Your Besties (And Beloveds) On Display

All too often, we try to de-clutter our spaces by packing away unseasonal clothes and other bothersome knickknacks that seem to just take up space. And, sometimes, along with those tchotchkes goes any semblance of personality.
But, anything that takes up valuable real estate on your nightstand should either be highly functional (read: a lamp) or make you smile on the daily. So, instead of stowing away those BFF pics in an album bound to gather dust on a bookshelf, give ‘em a good frame and display them proudly. Even better? Throw a pic of yourself into one of these frames and hand it to your sweetheart for a last-minute Valentine's Day present! (That way they won't have to pull up Facebook to show you off to grandma).
Whether your decor is sweet and pretty, or you boast an urban-rustic flow, we found 10 chic frames that will gild your memories, family, and loved ones with a lot more flair than the corner of your mirror.

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