DIY: 3 Easy Bedroom Hairstyles For That Come-Hither Look

Hairstyle inspiration can come from anywhere — magazines, Pinterest boards, the silver screen, you name it. But, if looking super-sexy is your goal, there's no better place to get salon treatment than the bedroom. Don't worry, we're keeping it PG, here — but you know that soft, voluminous, post-sleep hair is hot stuff. And, believe it or not, there is more than one way to achieve the come-hither look.
We called upon stylist Dianne Petersen of Paul Rehder Salon to show us how to style three easy bedroom 'dos that are appropriate for outside the boudoir, too. Just a few simple steps (a tease here, a curl there) and you'll be on your way to looking like Brigitte Bardot.
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The Products
For these looks, Petersen suggests you these products: Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Spray, $21, available at; Oribe Superfine Hairspray, $29, available at Barneys New York; Oribe Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray, $37, available at Barneys New York; Moroccanoil Hydrating Style Cream, $33.40, available at Moroccanoil; Kevin Murphy Hair Resort, $36.89, available at Amazon.

As always, feel free to use your own favorites, as long as they are the same type of product so you can achieve the same result.
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Look 1: Bedroom Bombshell
Sexy and voluminous like a runway model.

Model: Holly Bartle of Factor Women
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Step 1: Pin the majority of the hair up, leaving behind a small section at the nape of the neck.
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Step 2: Hydrate and protect the hair with products such as Moroccanoil Styling Cream and Aquage Beyond Body Thermal Spray.
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Step 3: Take small sections within the large section and begin to make spiral curls with an iron. Make sure that your ends are completely sealed within the iron to avoid a "fish tail" appearance.
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Gradually let down more hair from the pinned section and continue the curling process. Do not comb out the curls. Allowing them to completely cool will ensure a better hold.
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This is how your hair should look once you have completed the curling process, but before you've moved on to the next step.
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Step 4: Using your fingers — not a comb or brush — gently rake through your curls.
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Step 5: Turn your head upside down and give your hair a good shake! Use your fingers to fluff hair by the roots.
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The end result? A completely sexy and effortless look. Go get 'em girl!
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Look 2: Brigitte Bardot Chic
There's no need to damage your tresses in order to achieve this look. A secret component simplifies the process without sacrificing your sex-kitten style.
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Step 1: Decide where you want to part your hair in the front — whether you have bangs, or simply a longer piece of hair you'd like to leave out of the "bump." Comb the rest of your hair back.
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Step 2: Using a blowdryer and a brush, straighten the bang/front section of hair.
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Step 3: Grab a small section of hair from the top of the head. The size is completely dependent upon your hair texture and how big you want your "bump" to be.
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Step 4: Slip the section of hair through a Hair Stylers Mesh Chignon (available at Sally Beauty Supply) and secure with bobby pins.
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Step 5: Gather enough hair from the sides and top of the scalp to cover the "donut."
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Step 6: Pinch the gathered sections of hair covering the donut and begin securing with bobby pins against the scalp. Make sure not make the bump too smooth or tight so that you can keep that casual, bedroom look.
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Note: This look can be achieved with naturally curly or straight hair. If you'd like some body as seen here, you can follow the steps from look number one.
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Set with a little shine and hairspray and you're good to go! This is a sexy look that can easily go from the office to date night.
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Look 3: Girl Next Door
A super-easy look that leans more toward the sweet side — without being a snooze.
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Step 1: Begin by making a severe part on the side of your choice. A good rule of thumb is to part where your eyebrow naturally peaks.
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Step 2: If you have naturally curly hair, begin by taking your finger and defining your curls with a little styling cream. Alternatively, you can start this style by creating the curls from look one.
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Step 3: Mist hair with shine spray by spraying upward instead of directly onto the hair. This allows for a smaller amount of product to be distributed to the hair without weighing it down.
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The finished style from the opposite side.
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And there you have it. An effortless, sweet-yet-sexy look that can be achieved in a matter of minutes.

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