Suno Trades Kenya & Pajama Pants For Russia & Pinafores

Suno has only been around since fall '10, and in three short years, the brand has really crisscrossed the world in its references. Unlike many other instances where designers appropriate different world costumes as ethnic gimmicks, Suno's use of culture feels honest — from its use of Kenyan Dutch Wax cloths (and local techniques and manufacturers) to more recent Chinese qi pao dress styles covered in a modern take on chrysanthemum prints.
For fall '13, it looked toward Russia as a starting point, with traditional embroidery and tassels adorning peasant dresses and folk shirts (the models' hair was even styled with faux static by Odile Gilbert for Kérastase). But, like the globe-trotters that the team behind Suno are, the references didn't stop there. We also saw Scottish tartans, Indian Salwar Kameezes, as well as Norwegian pinafores represented.
Plus, leave it to Suno to present a new silhouette — like the formal pajama it made so popular a couple years past — for us to try: a skirt that's tight on the hips with an exaggerated pouf ruffle, which sounds challenging in an '80s-prom-dress way, but designer Erin Beatty promised that it was a style that is flattering on everyone, even non-model types like herself. If there's anything that Suno excels at, it's to make interesting, interested, worldly women feel comfortable and beautiful in the clothes they're wearing — and to remind them that it may be time to order a couple more pages for their filled-up passports.
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