14 Hilarious Craigslist Missed Connections We Had To Bookmark

Sure, love works in mysterious ways — but it can also be as simple as sitting next to Mr. or Ms. Right on the bus. However you choose to find romance in this city, we won't judge. But, in our opinion, when opportunity is knocking, you'd better open the door — or forever find yourself thinking "what if." And that really bums us out. So, in the spirit of second chances (and our eternal quest for true love), we compiled 14 of the most romantic (okay, hilarious) Missed Connections on Chicago Craigslist.
We're here to try to reunite all of those potentially lost love matches, from the sexy girl at the thrift store to the Ryan Gosling look-alike at the pancake house. What can we say? We're Good Samaritans armed with a bow and arrow and a website. Move over Cupid, we've got this.

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