3 Of L.A.'s Teensiest (But Raddest) Pads — Take An Inspiring Tour!

[UPDATE: This story was originally published on January 31.]
By now, the idea of cohabitating with college pals has probably lost its appeal. But know this: Just because your need for solitude banishes you to an affordable studio or puny one bedroom, that doesn't mean your dreams of living chicly have to dry up. In fact, plenty of our fellow Angelenos rent runt-like spaces and still manage to be super swank — including interior designers!
To prove it to you, we're hosting an open house with a trio of locals whose living quarters might be mini, but still pack major style. We're touring the posh spaces of people who really know what they're doing — from a cool cat with a Venice bungalow to a decorator in Hollywood. So, the next time you hit Westside Rentals in an "I can't stand my roomie" rampage, you might just see the possibility in that listing with a measly three-digit square footage. What are you waiting for? Get moving and click through!

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