8 Gorgeous Lippies To Brighten Your Winter Face

Winterizing our beauty routines often means switching to a thick, hardworking moisturiser, diligently stocking up on our go-to lip balms and piling on the mascara to make our peepers look, well, open. But, just because the weather’s gone gray (we’re so over you, January), that doesn’t mean our visages should, too.
Forget turning to moody, gothic lip shades to echo the gloomy forecast: We’re loving the way an unexpected, bright dose of colour looks against an otherwise lackluster outfit full of neutrals and knits. Besides, who wants to tackle a full face of makeup after finally calculating the appropriate number of layers, when just a quick swipe will do the trick?
Yes, clearly a bold, warm pucker is your get-through-the-rest-of-this-season secret weapon. And that’s why we rounded up eight bewitchingly bright lip hues — we’re talking brilliant oranges, sprightly reds, and punchy pinks — to draw the attention from your snow boots to your kisser (with minimal effort, mind you!). That's right, your beauty arsenal just got a whole lot sunnier.
Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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