Here's More Of The Bey-Made Doc On Beyoncé

Oh, we're sorry. Did you think we were living in 2013? Sorry, but we're not: This is, in fact, the Year Of Queen B. With a Super Bowl performance, a song with Justin Timberlake, a rapidly approaching mystery album, a Destiny's Child reunion, a Vogue cover, and the first full year of her husband's operation of the Brooklyn Nets — a Beyoncé epidemic is imminent. And, as if she was anticipating this media flurry, she has just debuted a trailer for her HBO documentary, which isn't just about her, but made by her as well.
After confessing her insane, nearly Big Brother-like tendency to record her entire life to GQ, it might be safe to assume that Beyoncé simply let HBO dig through some of her archives and edit a documentary together, focusing on Bey's work ethic and the discovery that she was pregnant. In the preview, she talks about power (a reoccurring theme for her recently), the mediums in which she shares her life, and the "one goal" she set for herself: independence. (Girl, you've had that goal for a good long while, right?) Tune in to HBO to see a rare (albeit certainly controlled) personal portrait of one of the most documented women in the world. Get ready for World War B. (Yep. Beyoncé puns. That's what 2013 is all about.)

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