Globes Body Envy? 4 Hollywood Workouts To Try In Chicago

We don't know about you, but we shoved that popcorn bowl aside after getting a look at Kristen Wiig's flat abs in her tummy-revealing gown on the Golden Globes — talk about confidence! It's no secret that celebs hit the gym hard (and watch that diet) before events such as this, but that doesn't change the fact that we are now more motivated than ever to kick a little New Year's resolution bootie.
To help you get inspired, we gathered four fabulous Chicago workouts with origins in Hollywood — including a Pilates instructor who used to train the jet set in sunny Califorinia. So, what are you waiting for? We're lacing up our sneaks already.
Shred 415
You know those workouts that alternate between lower body one day and upper body another? The Shred415 interval-style sweat fest is not one of them. In 60 minutes, you'll bounce between cardio on a treadmill (walk, jog, run — your call) and intense weight training. The method to the madness? A calorie-torching workout session that focuses on your entire body. But if you're really hung up on a certain area (who, us?), there are classes that target those pesky trouble spots, too.
Shred 415, 2156 North Clybourn Avenue (at North Southport Avenue); 773-360-8228.
The Dailey Method
The Dailey Method opened in Chicago in the summer of '09, and we quickly fell in love with this nonimpact, weight-bearing workout from Cali. Tami and Brett Conway are the faces behind the Chicago location, and it's safe to say they are qualified for the job. Tami boasts more than 15 years of experience in fitness and formal-dance instruction (including a spot on the Chicago Bulls dance team), while Brett is a former NFL player. So, what exactly is "the method?" An amalgamation of challenging barre work, core conditioning, yoga, and orthopedic exercises to get you in tip-top shape.
The Dailey Method, 1714 North Damen Avenue (at West Pierce Avenue); 773-904-8913.
Flex Pilates
Not only is the Flex method of Pilates a hot celeb workout, but you can actually take classes from an instructor who previously trained the rich and famous in L.A. Flex Pilates owner Tracy Zindell teaches this hybrid method (traditional Pilates and strength training) in a cozy River North studio. With only four state-of-the-art Allegro 2 Reformers (the only spot in Chicago to have these babies), each class provides hands-on, semi-private instruction — talk about feeling like a starlet!
Flex Pilates, 213 West Institute Place (between Wells and Franklin streets); 312-857-3539.
CrossFit Chicago
Biel, Hudgens, Diaz — three fabulous figures who love the CrossFit method of training. The best way to describe it? Quick and dirty. You'll basically hit it hard with everything from burpees and pushups to kettlebell swings and sprints for a certain number of reps before getting a quick rest — then doing it all over again. Time-saver? You bet — but also super-results oriented. While there are several amazing CrossFit gyms in the city, we really dig CrossFitChicago, since it feels a little more "homey." Locker rooms, plush couches, and free Wi-Fi give us a place to chill after we sweat up a storm. Oh, and ladies, if you're feeling a bit intimidated, there are women's only classes, too.
CrossFit Chicago, 1444 West Willow Street (at Elston Avenue); 773-281-0411.

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