1 Girl, 4 Looks: Bip Ling Takes Her "British Museum Chic" Style On The Road

What projects are you working on right now? I am finishing off a childrens book that I am writing and developing a TV show. Your parents are also involved in fashion. Tell us about their influence on your style, and about the best fashion advice they’ve given you. My Mummy always said to my little sister and I when we grew up that everyday is a stylie day, which I think is the best advice.. why not do something fun with your hair, wear a pretty dress and do your makeup! :-) My daddy always loves it when my little sis Evangeline and brother Pele all are in our best clothes. What’s your take on NYC style vs. London style? Do you have a favourite? Both in NYC and London I've spotted a lot of cool stylie styles hanging out. I think both are different, I love both in their different ways ! :-) Do you dress differently when you’re in NYC? Not really I don't think! I kinda seemed to hang out in my gym clothes more in NYC lol! Thats what a lot of New Yorkers do! I did actually notice that everyone in NYC always wear wellies when it rains ! I didn't wear wellies in the city, last time I wore wellies was in Cambridge when I went on a dog walk with my family during Christmas! Who are your favourite NYC designers/labels? Diane Von Fustenberg, I used to work in one of her shops in Wimbledon Village when I 17! Also I love Marc Jacobs!! Favourite British designers/labels? Louise Gray, Vivenne Westwood and PPQ! What’s been your most surreal fashion moment? When I met Karl Lagerfeld at the Karl launch in Selfridges last summer! I dresses as him! :-) I wanna do that again! How would you describe your personal style? British Museum Chic on a crumpet. You have amazing hair. Where do you go to get it cared for in NYC/London, and what products do you use? My hair is taken care of at Paul Edmonds in London! i've been going there for about 2 years now! I love that place! :-) What would people be surprised to know about you? I like live in the moment and be a bit spontaneous, and have a good old time ! haha! What phrase do you most overuse? Cuddles !!!!! You also DJ. What 5 tracks are on your must-have list? Mark Ronson Somebody to Love me Shine Bright like a Dimaond - Rihanna Rod Stewart - DO you think I'm Sexy Feel the Love - Rudimental The Libertines - Don't look back into the Sun If you could steal one look from the Spring 2013 runways, what would it be? Louis Vuitton! I totally need to steal one of those square dresses!!! OH MY DAYSSSS I WANT!!!!! What’s your fashion philosophy? Work it honey! Who (or what) inspires you? Everything everywhere everyone! Books, magazines, films and art. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself bipping and sipping on champagne with my family and friends ! :-)

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