Burning Love: The Guide To Every Nerd Boyfriend You've Ever Dreamed Of

Ah, true love. Whether you plan your weeknights around watching The Bachelorette or simply miss the crazy days of Flavor of Love, there's something about reality dating game shows that always reels us in. The roses, the competition, the breaking up with potential mates with the world watches on — it's intense, incredible, and way more dramatic than any episode of The Challenge we've ever seen.
That's why we've become such big fans of Burning Love, the online series that pokes fun at the The Bachelor in an unbelievable new way. Created by writer Erica Oyama and comedian Ken Marino — who looked for true love last season as fireman Mark Orlando — the series' second season debuts next month with a cast of comics totally worth swooning over. While Season 1 saw Malin Akerman, Kristin Bell, and even Jennifer Aniston competing for Orlando's affection, this round picks up where most seasons of The Bachelor leave off: with a rejected bachelorette looking for a husband from a cherry-picked group of men. While most actual dating shows convene brilliant men with defined abs to fight to fill the rooms of a mansion, Burning Love's Julie Gristlewhite (played by June Diane Raphael) has a house full of adorable, nerdy comedians playing ridiculous characters to choose from. And frankly? They're totally dream boyfriend material.
From stand-up stars who sell out stages to comedians who pop up in every Paul Rudd flick you've seen, the cast is totally cute, not to mention chock-full of faces who will be mega-famous by this time next year.
So, who will this season's bachelorette choose? Only time will tell. But, with Valentine's Day just a month away and grade-A dweeby loves like these scrolling across your laptop screen, there's no way any of those regular, pec-flexing men could compare. From Adam Brody to Michael Cera and every hilarious costar in between, here's the lowdown on why we're crushing hard on this series' surprisingly dreamy cast.

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