An Unlikely Pair: Is This Jason Wu Bag Inspired By Pokémon?

Although it's been a while since we rushed home after school to flip on the tube and escape into our favorite afternoon cartoons, we couldn't deny the sudden rush of nostalgia as we scoured the Jason Wu e-commerce site. We'd like to say we had to scan our long-term memory for this source of déjà vu, but it was more like of an instant flashback once we spotted this tricolor backpack. Simple, horizontal strap. Circular latch at the center. Yep, that's definitely a Poké Ball.
After we quickly scanned the rest of Wu's collections for signs of Pikachu and found nothing except dreamy color-blocked shoulder bags and embellished box clutches, it became clear that, like the most covetable trading card, this was a rare find. While we can't cite our favorite former cartoon series as the true inspiration behind Wu's backpack (Yes, a backpack. Because Ash wore a backpack.), the uncanny comparison does let us assume that we were not the only ones who were fans of Japanese anime.
Priced at over $1,700 for this black-red-and-white rucksack, this is not exactly a "Gotta-catch-'em-all" kind of item, but we have no doubt it's the chicest Pokémon carryall for the modern-day Misty.
Jason Wu Jourdan Backpack, $1,740, available at Jason Wu; Photo: Courtesy of Birthday Express

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