Style HQ: Inside Alice + Olivia's Whimsical Office

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    UPDATE: Lazy Sunday? Browse through A+O's perfectly girly office for a little creative inspiration. This story was originally published on January 3.

    When we think of Alice + Olivia, images of pastel shades, slimming wide-leg jeans, and embellished party dresses come to mind. But none of that could have prepared us for our visit to designer Stacey Bendet's new Meatpacking workspace. The ultra-femme label turns out its popular threads in a studio that displays an attitude and work ethic worthy of the brand's aesthetic. It's an office as bright and lively as a pair of Bendet's signature saturated denim (though A + O is so much more than the "just pants" line it began as). A growing brand, Alice + Olivia now covers every aspect of RTW including children's wear, and give-em-hell shoes that continue to impress the fashion-hungry.

    Though you could easily outfit your 9-to-5 wardrobe with Bendet's latest crop of threads, the designer's on-the-clock attire is anything but corporate. In fact, when we met up with the innovator, mom, and woman-about-town, she was sporting a ball gown and tiara in the office — just another day in the whimsical world of Alice + Olivia. So, come on and join us on an exclusive tour of all the magic. Just don't forget your sky-high heels and conquer-the-world attitude. Those are absolute work requirements around here.

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