R29's Ultimate Cold & Flu Survival Guide

Yep, it's officially winter, and with that comes lots of warm fuzzy knits, darkness at 4 p.m.… and the inevitable dawning of cold and flu season. Germs and bugs wreak havoc on our jam-packed schedules, our skin, and every other element of our lives. Not to mention, double-fisting Gatorade and Tylenol PM isn't exactly our idea of fun. Naturally, we want to protect ourselves from getting sick, to avoid spreading nasty germs around, and to get better as quickly as possible if those bugs manage to sneak past our well-crafted defenses.
That's why we consulted two doctors who know how to prevent and treat colds and flus: Dr. Eduardo Dolhun, MD, founder of the Dolhun Clinic and creator of Drip Drops ORS, and Dr. John Cranshaw, also of the Dolhun Clinic and former Chief of Medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital in San Francisco. They've got everything you ever wanted to know about colds, flus, and keeping yourself healthy. Follow their advice and a sniffle-proof, fever-free season could be yours.
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