20 Influencers, 20 Resolutions To Adopt Now

Over the past few years, our resolutions have gone from, "I will go to the gym every day and get on the Paleo diet" to "Walking to the doughnut shop counts, right?" Needless to say, it's hard to truly re-energize for another round of (unkeepable) promises. Forgive us for sounding grim, but we're looking for some serious resolution inspo.
So, we turned to 20 in-the-know New Yorkers who seem to have this whole resolution thing figured out. At least, momentarily. From on-the-rise designers to about-town DJs, our list of style influencers is almost as good as the goals they hope to keep. And if you can't give up sugar, drink more water, or cook more veggies, at least you know you're not the only one that's trying. #solidarity to all and to all a happy 2013.
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Chris Benz
"Drink more water."

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Alison Chemla
"Less coffee, more tea. Less candy, more veggies. Less wine, more water."

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Rebecca Minkoff
"This year, my New Year's resolution is all about health and working out. I'm going to up my two-days-a-week work outs to three! "

Photo: Courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff
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Josie Maran
"My resolution for 2013 is to surprise and delight my customers with some awesome new product launches!"

Photo: Courtesy of Josie Maran
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Chrissie Miller
"My New Year's res is to give up sugar! It's the devil. I am not one of those people that is always dieting, but I am convinced it's just not good for me."

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Nicole Trunfio
"My New Year's resolutions is to make babies!"

Photo: Courtesy of BFAnyc.com
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Noah Wunsch
"Read a book a week, sleep with the lights off, and get my mom (founder of velojoy.com) a profile on Refinery29."

Photo: Courtesy of Noah Wunsch
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Timo Weiland
"More cooking! Especially vegetables (since my boyfriend is now a vegetarian)."

Photo: Courtesy of Timo Weiland
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Steven Alan
"I got a new bike and I'm hoping to take some great, long trips."

Photo: Courtesy of Steven Alan
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Caitlin Mociun
"My resolution is to take Spanish classes!"

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Daniel Vosovic
"I promise to take (at least) 10 minutes throughout my day to mentally/physically list things I'm grateful for, including: my health, my safety, my loved ones, and being given the chance to follow my dream. No more excuses of not enough time."

Photo: Courtesy of Daniel Vosovic
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Cindi Leive
"I am finally pulling the trigger and quitting my twice-daily Diet Coke addiction. It's out of control! I won't say it's my only vice, but it's the only vice I'm interested in stopping."

Photo: Courtesy of Cindi Leive
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Whitney Pozgay
"To finally learn how to use my slow cooker. It is getting dusty. I would also love to start waking up early, making breakfast, and taking the time to enjoy the morning before the day gets too nutty. I would like to develop an addiction to morning yoga instead of morning coffee."

Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Pozgay
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Kerry Diamond
"My resolution is to spend more time with my family and friends. I can't believe how fast time flew in 2012, so I need to find a way to slow time down!"

Photographed by Emily Weiss
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Karen Erickson
"My New Year's resolution is to try and find the good in everything."

Photo: Courtesy of Karen Erickson
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Anna Laub
"My New Year's resolution is pretty basic this year: to prioritise health and exercise. My goal is to fit regular yoga into my schedule and not miss it for meetings or anything else!"

Photo: Courtesy of Anna Laub
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Ferebee Taube
"My resolution for 2013 is to grow Feyt to the next level, while at the same time finding more one-on-one time with each of the four men in my life...my three little boys and my husband!"

Photographed by Bek Andersen
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Matthew Marden
"Drink less Diet Coke, and chew less Nicorette."

Photo: Courtesy of Details.
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Eleanor Ylvisaker
"My resolution for 2013 is to live in the moment, and stay focused on the present to enable me to fulfill my dreams and meet my aspirations of the future."

Photographed by Bek Andersen
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Jill Martinelli of Lady Grey
"My Resolution is to try to find at least two weeks this year to go live off the grid in some remote location and just make art and find inspiration — with no outside influences or distractions!"

Sabine Le Guyader of Lady Grey
"My New Year's Resolution is to finally organize my closet and to donate what I haven't worn in over a year!"

Photographed by Sunny Shokrae

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