27 Ultra-Covetable Gifts That Give Back In A BIG Way

The holidays are the ultimate season of giving...and we're not just talking to each other. So, we called on our lovely friend Chrissie Lam of The Supply Change, a cutting-edge company that connects designer brands and mass-market retailers to local artisan groups around the world.
The result? An amazing gift-worthy boutique of eight organizations offering handcrafted jewelry, home goodies, and apparel that all give back to communities in need. So, when you shop any of these 27 awesome finds, you'll not only be scoring extra-special presents for all of your lucky friends and family members, you'll also be supporting developing communities across the world.
Click through to find out why Lam adores each of these organizations (and covetable products!), then cruise on over to the boutique to get gifting and giving. What could be better?
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"Sex trafficking is one of the world's biggest problems — it is estimated that there are approximately 27 million slaves around the world. Biographe is so wonderful because it employs and empowers survivors of the commercial sex trade in Bangkok, Thailand, so these women can now support their families and provide them with a better life."

Biographe Small ID Bracelet. $25, available at Tinseltown. Biographe Large ID Bracelet, $35, available at Tinseltown.

Photography by Chad Riley.
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Mercado Global

"Last October, I spent a week down in Guatemala with Mercado Global, and the beautiful, high-quality craftsmanship and brilliant saturated colors of the local textiles are just some the reasons why I love its products. In a country where only one in six indigenous girls graduate from sixth grade, Mercado Global just passed the mark where sales of its products are helping moms send over 2,000 kids to school this year."

Mercado Global Marabella Clutch, $78, available at Tinseltown.

Photography by Photography by Suzanne Becker Bronk.
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Wildlife Works

"Visiting Wildlife Works was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Kenya. There's nothing better than waking up in the morning at an eco-lodge, taking a morning-game drive through a portion of the 70,000 acres of conservation land, and watching clothing being made at a factory nestled in the bush."

Wildlife Works Cheetah Tee, $48, available at Tinseltown.

Photography by Peter Z Jones.
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Indego Africa

"Back in September, I visited Emelianne Nyiramana in Kigali, Rwanda. Emelianne is the founder and treasurer of the Cocoki cooperative, a partner of design-driven nonprofit, Indego Africa. Five years ago Emelienne didn’t speak a word of English and made less than $2 a day. Now, having worked as a partner with Indego since late 2007, the members Cocoki and Emelienne make well over $7 a day and have a robust, busy, and growing business."

Indego Africa Pillow Ornament Set, $45, available at Tinseltown. Indego Africa Batik Leather Clutch, $48, available at Tinseltown.

Photography courtesy of Indego Africa.
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Krochet Kids

"I had the opportunity to see the ladies of Krochet Kids International in crocheting up a storm in Gulu, Uganda, this September. And I actually just got the exciting news that they were chosen as one of 25 charities that have the opportunity to win $1 million from Chase Bank and the American Giving Awards. You can vote for them here!"

Krochet Kids Blue Pom-Pom Hat, $29.95, available at Tinseltown. Krochet Kids Black Pom-Pom Hat, $29.95, available at Tinseltown.

Photography courtesy of Krochet Kids Intl.
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CTC International/L.I.F.E. Line

"Having spent time with the CTC International team in Kenya this year, I can tell you from experience that the CTC Mailika Mums are a blast to work with and have an undeniably energetic, positive spirit. They have come from being outcasts in society to becoming the most respected and highest earning members of the Maai Mahiu community."

L.I.F.E. Line Striped Maasai Blanket, $48, available at Tinseltown. L.I.F.E. Line Checked Maasai Blanket, $48, available at Tinseltown.

Photography by Chelsea Dee Photography.
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Raven + Lily

"The Raven + Lily team works with female artisans in Ethiopia who melt weapons into stunning jewelry — how incredible is that for conflict resolution? They also return proceeds to partner communities to help fund education, health care, and micro-loans, so this organization is really going great things."

Raven + Lily Amleset Necklace, $88, available at Tinseltown. Raven + Lily Desta Earrings, $48, available at Tinseltown.

Photography by Esther Havens.

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