16 Cool New Gadgets To Add To Your Wishlist

We all know that person. You know, that lucky guy or gal who has gadgets and gizmos aplenty, whozits and whazits galore — making it a near-impossible feat to shop for them. Because really, what do you buy the tech-obsessed person on your list without committing a fa-la-la faux pas? It’s quite the quandary, really, but luckily, we’ve got all the shoppable answers right here. Ahead, a handy-dandy roundup of the coolest, need-'em-now tech products everyone (not just the nerds) will love.
We’ve scooped up 16 gifts that will satisfy any electronic lover, from a projector that will take your movie nights to the next level to digitally savvy products for health nuts. Trust, those items are just the tip of the techie iceberg. It's time to get a little click (and gift) happy after the jump.
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For The Movie Buff: 3M Streaming Projector By Roku
Think you can’t have a mini-movie party wherever you go? Guess again! The 3M Streaming Projector by Roku fits in the palm of your hand — for all you on-the-move cinema lovers. And once you pop in the streaming stick, you have access to everything from Hulu to Netflix. Yes, you can tune into any guilty pleasure of choice, virtually anywhere. With its built-in speakers and rechargeable batteries, it really makes seeing flicks on the fly possible. All you need is a strong Wi-Fi signal and a place to project (ceilings, walls, whatever) and you’re golden.

3M Streaming Projector by Roku, $300, available at 3M.
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For The Fitness Junkie: Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker
Did you know that you're supposed to log in 10,000 steps a day ... and that's just to maintain your health? Luckily, you can keep track of your progress quite easily with the new-and-improved Fitbit. Just snap the wireless device onto your bra strap or the top of your pants and it'll keep tabs on your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. Plus, all that information automatically uploads to your online profile and the Fitbit app, so you can constantly peep your progress, receive awards, and engage with your friends, should you so desire.

Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker, $59.95, available at Fitbit.
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For The Nester: Nest Learning Thermostat
If you're looking to spruce up your pad in a modern, techie, and energy-efficient way, the new Nest thermostat is a wise investment. The intuitive device learns your schedule and turns itself on and off according to the time of day and whether it senses you are home or not. And, if you want to adjust the temp of your crib while you're away, you can control the device through your smartphone. The best part: It claims to lower your heating and cooling bill by 20%, which means you should recoup the cost of the system in no time.

Nest Learning Thermostat, $249, available at Nest.
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For The Paranoid And OCD: Lockitron
We’re all familiar with that dreaded “wait, did I lock the door?” feeling when we’re about mid-way from point A to point B. Well, a new gadget is here to change all that. Lockitron gives you the ability to put your worrisome mind at ease wherever you are. It features a cool cover that fits on most deadbolt locks and has built-in Wi-Fi, so you can check up on the status of your door. It also allows you to lock and unlock from afar. Amazing, right?

Lockitron, $179, available at Lockitron.
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For The Music Lover: Customizable Jambox Speaker
If you don't already own a sleek, portable Jambox speaker system, we bet one of your friends does — and you've been fiending after it, big time! The Bluetooth-savvy, palm-sized device, which can stream audio straight from anyone's smartphone, just got cooler thanks to the fact that you can now personalize the speaker with 9 cap colors and 13 grill hues, for more than 100 possible combos. Plus, if you're ready to shell out an additional $100, note that the larger BigJambox doubly delivers in sound.

Jambox Customizable Speaker, $199, available at Jawbone.
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For The Hydrator: Camelbak All Clear Water Bottle
It’s tough to stay green-minded when most iffy public-water outlets make bottled H2O look so tempting. Now, you can steer clear of made-to-toss plastic with Camelbak's All Clear aqua bottle. It’s more than a water container, with its ultra-violet technologies that purify contents in as little as 60 seconds flat. Wowza! And at a cool $99, we think the money saved from rebuying bottles will add up to one smart purchase. Good for your health and the environment? We think so!

Camelbak All Clear Water Bottle, $99, available at Camelbak.
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For The Nostalgic: Out Of Print E-Reader Cases
As giddy as we get when a new e-book is released, we will always have a soft spot for traditionally bound literature. You feel us? Well, there’s a way to intersect our love for both the electronic and analog with Out Of Print’s hardcover e-reader cases. Serving up classics like A Clockwork Orange and The Great Gatsby, any nostalgic techie will find these covers to be a happy medium.

Out Of Print A Clockwork Orange E-Book Case, $45, available at Out Of Print.
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For The Textile Lover: Eastern Collective Textile iCables
Sure, we adore our techie toys, but most of the time the charging devices aren’t as savvy. Ugly white cords and chargers clutter up our workspace. Well, that’s where Eastern Collective Textile iCables come into play. Not only will these satisfy any design enthusiast's or textile lover’s tastes, but for $14, affording one isn’t going to throw a wrench in your gadget-buying budget.

Eastern Collective Textile iCables, $14, available at Eastern Collective.
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For The Gamer: Nintendo Wii U
If there’s one gaming system you should snatch up this season, make it the Wii U — it’s kind of the Christmas must-have. And just what makes it so magical? How about a console that connects directly to your television to create a HD-playing experience with jaw-dropping graphics for enriched Wii scenarios. The cool, tablet-like controller comes with a front-facing camera and finger and stylus touchscreen, so you can play, tilt, and move on the little screen and the big one. Double whammy!

Nintendo Wii U, $299, available at Nintendo.
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For The Chronic Cell-Phone Loser: SpareOne Emergency Phone
There will always be that one person you know who is consistently sans a cell phone. Whether it’s lost (for the 800th time) or dead — no phone home is their M.O. Luckily, there is a new gizmo on the market that rids peeps of their phoneless dilemmas. This little thing works off one AA battery and is pretty darn handy in emergencies. It works with or without a SIM card and features an LED light, and geo-location services, too. It’s like a spare key, except for your celly. Tech yes!

SpareOne Emergency Phone, $69, available at SpareOne.
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For The Accident Prone: Logitech Washable Keyboard
Let’s be real, in this digital decade, we practically live on our laptops, and that includes meal times. So, instead of feeling paranoid that crumbs — or worse, our cup of Joe! — will spill all over our sensitive keyboards, we found one that can take a spill or two. Actually, it can be completely dunked in water for a nice rub-a-dub-dub. The Logitech Washable Keyboard was designed for us klutzes to rinse away our e-snacking. Sticky fingers, begone!

Logitech Washable Keyboard, $40, available at Logitech.
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For The Shutterbug: Lytro Camera
In no small part thanks to Instagram, it seems that everyone's interested in photography these days. Impress your filter-focused friends with a slew of "how'd you do that?" images thanks to the new Lytro camera, which boasts the creation of "living pictures." Basically, since the rectangular device captures the entire light field (the first consumer camera to do so), the 3-D-like images are entirely in focus. This gives the viewer the ability to tap the pictures over and over and over again, changing the focused area, post production. See it to believe it.

Lytro Light Field Camera, $399, available at Target.
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For The Budget-Savvy: Samsung Chromebook
We trust Google with just about every quandary that pops into our heads, so it only makes sense to use its new-to-the-scene laptop as our external brains. Enter, the Chromebook, a sleek (and super lightweight!) Samsung and Google laptop that promises to be virus free (yippee!). Going out the electronic store for $249 a pop, we think the geniuses over at that fruit-named place should watch their backs.

Samsung Chromebook, $249, available at Google.
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For The Two-Wheeled Explorer: Photojojo Bikepod
Whipping around on your bike all day, you’re bound to catch some blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scenes. But, luckily, there is a gadget here to assist. Strap this little tripod doodad to your handlebars and you will never miss a camera-worthy moment again — at least not while riding your two-wheels. And we know what you’re thinking, yes, it is durable and will protect your beloved iPhone in case a tumble does occur.

Photojojo Bikepod, $45, available at Photojojo.
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For The On-The-Go Reader: Nexus 7 and Nexus 10
Yes, we all love the iPad, but we gave Google's answer, the Nexus 7, a shot. And, we've got to say, we're totally digging it. The super-lightweight, high-def tablet is tiny enough to hold in one's hand, but large enough (7 inches) to watch movies, read, and surf the web from comfortably. Plus, it's got nifty voice recognition and the price rings in at under $200, which is pretty hard to beat. If you want to take things a step further, take the 10" Nexus 10 for a whirl. It's got the highest resolution of any tablet on the market, plus outward-facing and self-facing cameras (an improvement on the Nexus 7).

Nexus 7, $199, and Nexus 10, $399, available at Google Play.
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For The Self-Expressionist: Society6 iPhone Case
Okay, so this technically isn’t a gadget per se, but we do think some of the snazzy phone cases found on Society6 will dress up your tech accessory in a major way. You can tell oh so much by someone’s phone cover, right? So why not make an artistic statement with it. There are plenty of candy-colored options on the site — we’re obsessed with all!

Leah Flores iPhone Case, $35, available at Society6.

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