The Tats Are Out On Lena Dunham's First Major Mag Cover Story

Lena Dunham is not one of those outer-borough idlers, crashing your couch every weekend. In fact, she's kind of like the modern-day renaissance woman: She's a tireless toilet-talking sufragette; a pants-less red carpet parader; the Mr. Miyagi of the pose and pout (and, of course, there's that whole writing slash actor slash director slash producer of your own TV show bit). But, the point remains: Lena Dunam already wears, like, a million hats. Add on a pilgrim-collared, pretty pink-lipped i.D. cover, and you're looking at a million and one.
For the magazine's "Wise Up" issue, Dunham shares big billing with Vogue's Grace Coddington (high honors, indeed!). Inside, the multi-tasker gives herself a low style grade (psh poppycock, Leens!), and talks taking the heat from a white-hot spotlight. As for how she manages to pull off that mile-hight hat stack, well, you'll have to wait until Thanksgiving day –– i.D. hits newsstands Thursday!
Photo: Courtesy of i.D. Magazine

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