Marc Jacobs' New Ad Campaign Is A Mod, Mod World

It's just as we suspected: Marc Jacob's campaign starring up-and-coming model Ruby Jean Wilson is an experiment in time travel. But, thanks to frequent MJ photog Juergen Teller, Wilson didn't have to shake down the Doc for a flux capacitor (did you think we could resist a Back To The Future joke?).
Instead, Teller created this stirring, '60s-themed spread, with one part illusion and another part reference: Mixing sight-bending mirrors with a two-toned, geometric dress, Teller instantly transports the scene from a modern-day reality to a mid-century artist's fantasy. Add in Wilson's platinum pixie cut, and the other-era affect is just about inarguable. But, will shoppers bolt to Barneys because of it? Only time will tell. (High Snobette)
Photo: Via High Snobette

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