Stellar Sides: 10 Tasty Options Beyond Green-Bean Casserole

Let's face it: Not all Thanksgiving gatherings are created equal. Kids grow up, family members move, heck, this year might even call for a solo eating frenzy. So, if your holiday isn't as conventional as it used to be, why should your meal follow the old-school rules? Don't worry — we wouldn't dare take away your drumstick, but we do suggest experimenting in an area where there's a lot more room for diversity — those tasty sides, of course!
No run-of-the-mill soup-can creations here, though. Instead, we tapped the chefs at 10 popular restos for some recipe inspiration. While we're pretty sure your grandma never served sides like Ada Street's polenta fries or Sable Kitchen's toasty, sweet-corn crème brûlée, we promise seconds will be had, no matter who's sitting at your dining-room table. The only proverbial fly in the zesty pumpkin-ginger soup? Leftovers — or, rather, a lack thereof.

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